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Six great ways to beat the summer heat while outside

on July 25, 2022
Everyone loves a bright summer day and some pleasant warm weather. But even those who love the summer months know that heatwaves can be a bit much. it can even make stepping out on a hot summer day a real challenge. The sweat and heat can easily lead to dehydration and make you feel lethargic. While its important to be mindful of high temperatures, here’s a few ways to make getting outside a bit more manageable.
Stay hydrated.
Staying hydrated is the first rule of surviving summer heat. By drinking water, we help to maintain a reserve amount of fluid in our bodies which can easily be lost in the form of sweat. Consuming about 2 liters of water is desirable for every individual in all the hot weather. If you need to do a little outdoor work plan ahead and drink water hours before.  Also, have a ready reserve of juice, coconut water and hydrating fruits for replenishment.
Consider taking a lukewarm shower
Taking a lukewarm shower in the summer’s hottest days can be relaxing and comforting, but scientists suggest that this makes you feel even hotter. When you take a cool shower your body has to work a bit harder to warm up again and this natural warm up, causes you to feel hotter. The most recent studies suggest that warm water showers do a better job of cooling your your bloodstream without invoking the bodies natural tendency to try to warm up afterwards. .
Avoid drinking caffeine-based drinks like tea and coffee
Caffeine and nicotine intake increases the body’s core temperature. They tend to constrict the blood vessels which warms the blood and makes you feel hot and sweaty. No one wants that, Prepare some cool beverages such as coconut water, lemon water or other fruit juices. Also, a reminder, excessive intake of alcohol should be avoided.
Eat lighter meals
Consuming larger,  heavier meals kicks up your metabolism and generates heat in the body which can make you feel uncomfortable. Large meals make your body work harder to digest the food and metabolize it. This increases your core temperature can make you feel sweaty and lethargic afterwards. It’s best to consume light , freshly cooked meals in the summers.
Cool your toes and hands.
If you have to be outside and are feeling excessively hot, an easy way to lower  your temperature down is by cooling your hands and feet. Soaking your feet in cool water for some time can relax you and make you feel less hot. if you are exercising or working in the yard, wear a neck gator that you  dip into ice water. This will create a nice cooling effect.
Wear loose fitting face drying clothes
Wearing tight fitting and dark colored clothes can make you perspire more. If you wish to stay cool and avoid excessive perspiration, opt for loose, light-colored cotton clothes. Your sweat doesn’t easily evaporate when you wear thicker clothes. Dark colors retain more heat, making you feel hotter and should be avoided.

Cheat a bit with an outdoor fan.
Large DIY stores carry larger portable fans that are great both indoors and out.  If you need to be outside, they make it much easier if you are going o be working in the same spot. So if you absolutely mist do some gardening or tinkering, these larger outdoor fans are a real lifesaver.
Do it later.
If possible, postpone outdoor work and events until after the sun goes down.  Summer evenings are often a little more breezy and pleasant sot if possible, schedule them later. Use a pop-up style event tent  when you can to create shade. You can also purchase misters  to help create a cooling effect in sunny areas. If you can plan your time to be in the shade of trees, this helps a lot. Also, remember that the air cools as it goes over bodies of water so if  that’s a possibility, plan this into you events outside.
Hotter days are unavoidable but with the right tools and a little planning, you can still enjoy your time outside and maintain your cool.