From the Desk at Keystone

Spring Cleaning? Why Not Summer Cleaning?

on June 06, 2022

KB_110314We’ve been lucky this June: it’s been downright chilly some mornings! But before the heat sets in, why not take some time to get your house ready for when summer really hits?

Clean Air

Just like in winter, sometimes it gets stuffy in the summer. This is the best time to fill your home with plants! NASA researchers, in cooperation with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, discovered several houseplants that help purify the air and filter out volatile organic compounds. Choose succulents such as Aloe for your kitchen, Spider Plants, Ficus, or Bamboo palm for your living room, Snake Plants for bathrooms, and Gerber Daisies, Chrysanthemums, and Peace Lilies for bright, colorful flowers anywhere!

As for non-natural solutions, be sure to reverse the rotation of your fans, change out your heating and cooling filters, and make sure your window screens and seals are in good repair for those cooler days (or rainy evenings!)

Window Treatments

While you’re prepping your window’s functional aspects, don’t forget the decorative. For windows that get hit with a lot of sun, swap your heavy curtains for heat-resistant drapes with white-plastic backings to reflect the heat back. Go for lighter, happier colors to suit the season, and that’ll work well too: the darker something is, the more heat it absorbs and the hotter your room will be. You can seal them with magnets or velcro at the sides and bottom for even more protection, if you’re willing.

Kitchen Maintenance

It’s probably about time for you to clean out your fridge, but it’s definitely time for you to clean out the coils too if you haven’t done it already during your spring cleaning. This’ll keep your fridge running much better and efficiently.

Also, get your grill out of winter storage and make sure it’s up and running cleanly and safely. Grilling outside keeps the heat of cooking out of your kitchen.

Store or Donate

Again, it’s time to catch up on any Spring Cleaning you might have missed out on or skipped! Donate any winter clothing you’re ready to part with and pack up the rest for storage. Same goes with extra blankets and your winter bedding.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Sometimes the best time for this is in the winter, when demand is low, but here at the end of spring is the latest you’d want to wait to get your AC serviced. Don’t forget any window units you might have! Also consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat in your home: Your home will be cooled more efficiently when it is only cooled during the times you or your family are home.